Child Games Usage

Should Children Play Computer Games?

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the question of whether or not children should engage in computer games such as disney. Those who are against the engagement of kids in computer games tend to be of the view that the games can hamper the optimal development of kids. According to the people who subscribe to this school of though, the harm can be at two levels: the physical level and the psychological level.

On the physical level, it is argued, there is the risk of the kids spending too much time playing the computer games, and thereby missing out on real physical play. And as we all know, real physical play is critical for proper physical development (and for kids’ physical exercise — lack of which can lead to obesity).

On the psychological level, it is argued that there is a risk of the kids getting so engrossed in the games that they miss out on social contact with peers, thus hampering their proper psychological development.

Those who support the engagement of children in computer games, on the other hand, tend to argue that the computer games actually have the potential to promote the proper development of the kids. They argue that, for instance, computer games can boost the kids’ imagination, which can in turn lead to boosted creativity on the part of the kids.

So, should kids engage in computer games? It is really up to you to assess the available evidence, and make your own decision.